Cloud Cost Optimization Services

If you can't measure, you can't improve

We truly believe in this philosophy and leverage various metrics and tools to get to know the root-causes of your cloud costs going out of control. We don't bring in incremental cost savings, we work towards laying the right foundation for your cloud infrastructure esp. in a multi-cloud environment and along with setup a solid multi-cloud cost monitoring and cost improvement solution for you.

We work with you to identify the problem and then devise a solution for you so as to realize significant cost benefits. We help make hard cost decisions for you, including these:

  • Perform cost benefit analysis to move to a new cloud provider
  • Eliminate cloud waste
  • Identify the best capex/opex options like spot instances, on-demand instances and reserved instances
  • Turn off cloud instances when not needed
  • Auto scale-down as needed
  • Choose the right billing plan like Per minute or Per hour plans

Talk to us if you are interested in controlling your spend on cloud investments without compromising your cloud performance, security and availability.